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Boot Camp Toronto 2016
Twenty Toronto Street Conference Centre Toronto 1 September 2016  

Members $276.85   Non-Members $355.95

LSUC Accreditation: 5.5 CPD Credits (Including Ethics/Professionalism TBD)


If you are a new or young lawyer then you need to register for CDL's Annual Boot Camp.
If you are a senior lawyer and have new lawyers joining your firm then they need to attend.

This is a targeted CLE for new insurance defence lawyers, articling students and claims examiners, offering broad overviews of the most important law and procedures. A MUST attend for all new defence litigators. The full day program will teach you everything you need to know about building and running your insurance defence practice that you didn't learn in law school. This IS the place where you can ask the questions you may have been too nervous to raise at work! A great opportunity to get together with other new lawyers and meet the people you are likely to be working with over the course of your career. Forward this email to a young lawyer in your firm

Chaired by:  Mouna Hanna, Reisler Franklin LLP & Stephen Libin, Dutton Brock LLP




The Program:

Welcome to the World of Insurance Defence!   Paul Tushinski, Partner, Dutton Brock LLP

  • Tips to Succeed as a Defence Litigator
  • Unparalleled advocacy training offered by insurance defence work
  • Interaction with sophisticated institutional clients, case variety
  • File carriage opportunity early in career
  • Trial & arbitration experience
  • Civility in the Legal Profession  


Low Speed Motor Vehicle Collisions and Injury Causation  
Robert Parkinson; B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. & David Porter, B.E.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.   Giffin Koerth Forensic Engineering

  • The presentation will introduce the concepts of low speed collision reconstruction, and the problems presented by modern vehicle construction. Adding to this discussion, the biomechanics of injury will be addressed, including the concepts of injury thresholds and fatigue. The mechanics of commonly reported injuries such as soft tissue neck injuries, rotator cuff tears and head injury will be highlighted. Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of when low speed collisions result in injuries – and when they don’t.


Legal Writing Done Gooder....    Daniel Strigberger, Samis + Company 

  • The undersigned hereby declares (hereinafter the “Declaration”) that the within presentation (“the Presentation”) is intended for new defence lawyers, which includes, but is not limited to, new defence lawyers, lawyers who are new and defensive, and old lawyers who feel new and are of the defence variety (collectively “Lawyers”). The Presentation will guide Lawyers through a maze of complex and sophisticated legal writing techniques, including writing short sentences, using voices of an active nature (“Active Voice”), and verba quæ scripta sunt in English. By the end of said presentation, Lawyers will know, inter alia, how to write better than other lawyers, et al.


Critical Defence Knowledge about Accident Benefits:  Laura Emmett, Lerners LLP

  • Important changes to Accident Benefits in 2016
  • Why you need to know Accident Benefits
  • Overview of Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule
  • Claims, denial and dispute 


Tort Auto Insurance Primer and Trial Perspectives: Todd McCartthy, Flaherty McCarthy LLP

  • Defending auto tort claims – a Running with the File Diagnostic
  • Maximizing collateral benefit deductions
  • Uninsured and under-insured motorists coverage
  • Tripartite relationship – joint retainer (insurer and insured), defending over limits claims, duty to defend v. duty to indemnify
  • Appeals, mediation, ethics and advocacy issues
  • The balance between the dual role of advocate and officer of the court in the context of an insurance defence practice


Your First Mediation:   Cliff Hendler, ADR Chambers

Mediation is the new litigation.  There is no longer an "A" in ADR

  • How to prepare for a mediation. Discussion will include; 
  •        - preparing your case
  •        - preparing your client
  • The difference between a weak and strong opening statement.  
  • Effective use of the mediation and the mediator.
  • Defining success and failure at mediation


Basic Anatomy for Injury Cases: Litigation Medicine:  Dr. Avi Orner, Medical Director, SCM Health Solutions

  • Medical terms for personal injury cases
  • Evidence of most common traumatic injuries
  • Defending claims for orthopedic injury, whiplash & chronic pain
  • Mechanics & evidence of traumatic brain injury-what to watch for


Intro to Threshold: Be-Nazeer Damji, Reisler Franklin LLP                                                    


  • Basic Principle:
    - Onus
    - 3 part inquiry: Meyer v. Bright (1993), 15 O.R. (3d) 120 (ONCA)
    - Employment and Activities of Daily Living
  • Recent Decisions on Threshold
  • Defending Threshold Injuries and Take Away


Accident Benefits Fall Classic
Hilton Toronto 145 Richmond St W Toronto 6 October 2016  

Cost: Members $446.35  Non-Members $576.30
CPD Credits: 6 Hours Substantive
Chair: TBA


Ontario's best CLE designed by and for AB lawyers. This is the place where you will get the most up to date information on developments in Accident Benefits. You will meet other AB lawyers and insurers in the AB community. Canadian Defence Lawyer’s annual program has become a mandatory part of your Ontario  AB practice!  Register Early for this sold out event

Forward this to an AB lawyer you know. Check back for updates on topics and speakers.


REGISTER EARLY – This program sells out every year!





Third Annual Joint CIAA/CICMA/CDL Seminar
Hyatt Regency 370 King St W Toronto 26 October 2016  

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM | Hyatt Regency | 370 King St. W. | Toronto


CIAA/CICMA Members $67.80
CDL Members $152.55        Non-Members $186.45   

(BN 84996 1974)

Chaired by Teresa Djriber (CICMA, OSBIE), Dorothy Lowry (CIAA, Crawford), and Michelle Dunbar, (CDL, Civil Defence Lawyer) 

This joint program between CICMA, CIAA and CDL is developed to appeal to adjusters, claims managers and lawyers.


 Accreditation: LSUC 4 hours Substantive - RIBO - Pending


The program this year will include:

Faulty Workmanship Panel: The panel will review the issue of Faulty Workmanship.  They will cover areas such as what is required in an investigation, policy coverage issues, and legal issues pertaining to coverage and subrogation. 

     Brett Rideout, Partner, Genest Murray
     Keith Dyson, Major Loss Section Manager, State Farm Canada


Cyber Liability: Recent cases of security breaches and the obligations of the victim of the breach. Gary will discuss a Breach Coach’s role in this process along with information on what some of the legal obligations are, as well as, investigation tips.
     Gary S. A. Solway, Senior Partner, Bennett Jones LLP


AB Panel: Update on the New Changes. Auto Changes are ever present. Approximately six months after the most recent changes, our panel will discuss how these changes have impacted the adjudication process, litigation and coverage.  
     Philippa Samworth, Partner, Dutton Brock LLP
     Becky Cameron, Senior VP, Regional Claims Leader, Aon Risk Solutions
     Sonali Panchal, Crawford & Company


Concussion: Concussions, the new and emerging personal injury.  What is a concussion? What types of new therapy are we seeing?  How can you prove or disprove a concussion? Jim will also discuss the advancements in medical imaging technology and how it may assist in the defence of personal injury claims including those claims arising out of concussions and head injuries.
     Jim Tomlinson, Partner, McCague Borlack LLP


The Adjuster of the Future: How technology is changing the investigation process, and are insurers are preparing for the adjuster of the future. Paul and Glen will share their views on what skills the adjuster of the future will need.
     Paul Hancock, National Director, Toronto Branch Manager, Crawford & Company
     Glen Hopkinson, Vice President, Head of Claims, Canada, XL Catlin