Upcoming Programmes

Accident Benefits Fall Classic 2017
Sheraton Centre Toronto 123 Queen St W 19 October 2017  

Cost: Members $446.35  Non-Members $576.30
CPD Credits: 5 - 6 Hours Substantive
Co-Chairs: Lisa Pool, Sullivan Festeryga LLP & Cara Boddy, Evans. Philp


Ontario's best CLE designed by and for AB lawyers. This is the place where you will get the most up to date information on developments in Accident Benefits. You will meet other AB lawyers and insurers in the AB community. Canadian Defence Lawyer’s annual program has become a mandatory part of your Ontario  AB practice!  Register Early for this sold out event

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Please join Program Chairs  Lisa Pool, Sullivan Festeryga LLP & Cara Boddy, Evans. Philp for an update on the many changes that have taken place in the Accident Benefits area.



“But For” vs “Material Contribution”: What is the Test for Causation in Accident Benefits Cases?
     - Joel D. Chrolavicius, Sullivan Festeryga


Trends in Accident Benefits:  A Panel Discussion with:

     - Robert H. Rogers, Evans Philp LLP
     - Claire Wilkinson, Martin & Hillyer Associates
     - Cara Boddy, Evans Philp, Moderator


Priority/Loss Transfer Case Law Update:  What’s New and What’s Exactly the Same
     - Rebecca Brown, Laxton Glass LLP


TBI and the Old and New Catastrophic Impairment Definitions
     - Dr. Diana Velikonja, Storrie Velikonja And Associates


Expert Witness Preparation with a Mock Cross Examination of an expert
     - Robert Hooper, Hooper Law
     - Dr. Jeremy Frank, Psychologist


Tips, Strategies, And Practical Realities At the LAT
     - Benson Cowan, License Appeal Tribunal
     - Nathalie V. Rosenthall, Zarek Taylor Grossman Hanrahan LLP
     - Alex Voudouris, Pace Law Firm
     - Sven Mascarenhas, Gilbert Kirby Stringer LLP, Moderator


Catastrophic Impairment Case Law Update 
     - David F. Murray, Matthews Abogado LLP


Other AB Issues Case Law Update
     - Stephanie Drisdelle, Bertschi Orth Solicitors  


Examinations Under Oath
     - Laura Dickson, Hughes Amys LLP




Subrogation Oct 2017
Twenty Toronto Street Conference Centre Toronto 26 October 2017  

Cost: Members $446.35  Non-Members $576.30
*Webcast option for attendees outside of the GTA - Pricing the same as in person

CPD Credits: 4.5 Hours Substantive;  Lawpro
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM | Twenty Toronto Street Conference Centre 



Strategies for Maximizing Subrogation Recoveries


With Program Chairs:
Neil Colville-Reeves, Samis + Company LLP & James G. Norton, Zuber & Company


Challenges facing Independent Adjusters in building a file for Subrogation.
James Giffen, Malik, Giffen, Burnett Claims Consultants

 Riaz Coolman, Northbridge Financial


Litigating subrogated claims south of the border.

Stephen Peiper,  Attorney, Hurwitz & Fine, P.C


US Experience and What we Can Learn From It: Steven Pieper will be joined on the panel by a Canadian counterpart and representatives from Canadian and American Insurers


Retaining, Managing and Communicating with Experts – A Tool Kit for First Party Adjusters: Panel including an Expert, a Canadian Lawyer and Insurer Representative


Subrogation in the context of Municipal Claims

Neal Searles, Zuber & Company


Condominium Claims: Litigating condo based losses

David Di Lella, Horlick, Levitt, Di Lella LLP



Subrogation is increasingly seen as an important component of any P&C claims department. Maximizing recoveries is achieved by effectively using all of the necessary tools in the subrogation tool kit. There are specific challenges that independent adjusters face in preparing a file for a successful recovery and we will explore those issues with speakers and a panel discussion. Cycle time is a key performance indicator in a subrogation practice and we will look at strategies for improving cycle times. Some of the recurring themes that come up regularly in handling of subrogated claims including the ACV v. RCV debate and strategies in identifying and instructing experts will also be under the microscope. 

Specific topics including municipal and product liability will be covered.




Check your In Box for announcements on Speakers and Topics!


CICMA/CIAA Joint Program 2017
Twenty Toronto Street Conference Centre Toronto 14 November 2017  

Fourth Annual Joint CIAA-CICMA-CDL Seminar
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

8:30 AM – 1:15 PM | Twenty Toronto Street Conference Centre

CIAA/CICMA Members $67.80 | CDL Members $152.55  |   Non-Members $186.45
 Accreditation: LSUC: 4.5 hours Substantive – RIBO: Pending

Chaired by:
Teresa Drijber (CICMA, OSBIE),
Sonja Bonanni (CIAA, Crawford), and
Michelle Dunbar (CDL, Civil Defence Lawyer)


This joint program between CDL, CICMA and CIAA is developed to appeal to Adjusters, Claims Managers and Lawyers.



8:35 – 8:45  Opening Remarks


8:45 – 9:15 AB Update:

Update about the latest cases from the LAT and other exciting AB news!

     Philippa G. Samworth, Partner, Dutton Brock LLP


9:15 – 10:15 Cyber Insurance Panel:
The market for cyber insurance continues to evolve with each high profile incident. Our panelists will include a claims specialist, a broker and a breach coach and will provide an update that encompasses the claims environment, coverage issues, claims initiation issues and incident response practice.

     Dan Michaluk, Partner, Hicks Morley

     Patrick Bourk, National Practice Leader, Integro

     Alexandre Juneau, Senior Claims Specialist, Chubb


10:15 – 10:30    BREAK


10:30 – 11:00  Additonal Insured

The Carneiro Decision broadened the duty to defend the “Additional Insured” and it was followed by an appeal decision out of Alberta. What does this mean for claims managers and decisions that get made on files?

     Talaal Bond, Partner, Matthews Abogado LLP

11:00 – 11:30 Emerging Issues in Construction Losses

This session will cover emerging issues in constructions losses with an emphasis on coverage provided under Builder’s Risk and Course of Construction policies of insurance.    As construction projects become larger in scale and cost, the stakes at issue in construction losses have become greater.  This session will review recent trends involved in large scale construction losses insured under Builder’s Risk/Course of Construction policies and will include a discussion of attempts by insureds to broaden the scope of coverage to encompass consequential losses, to narrow the exclusions to coverage under the policies and a review as to how the Courts have recently dealt with these issues.

     Brett Rideout, Partner, Genest Murray LLP


11:30 – 12:00   Lunch


12:00 – 12:30 Waivers of Liability – Let’s Get the Big Picture

  • Are waivers worth the paper they’re written on?
  • Is there a standard national approach to waiver enforceability?
  • Can children’s waivers be enforced?

     Susan E. Gunter, LL.M., Partner, Dutton Brock LLP

     Alexandre Proulx, Blacklock Law Firm


12:30 – 1:15  To Trial or Not To Trial, That IS The Question:

A panel discussion between a claims manager and counsel on the importance of taking matters to trial and the underlying issues we face in making this decision, including access to trial for younger lawyers and emerging areas of practice.

     Aleksandra Zivanovic LL.M., Boghosian + Allen LLP  

     Riaz Coolman, Claims Manager,  Northbridge Financial