Arbitration Roster

This is an exciting initiative arranged through the collaboration of CDL and the Canadian Insurance Claims Managers Association (“CICMA”) with the blessing of the IBC.  CICMA has for a number of years administered a mandatory arbitration process for insurance companies who are signatory to the Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement (the “Agreement”) which the IBC developed. Arbitration is mandatory, binding and final for disputes between signatory companies, mostly Canadian P & C carriers, involving property damage subrogation claims where the all-inclusive amount in issue is no more than $50,000. The only types of claims excluded are Boiler & Machinery, Aviation, Ocean Marine and coverage issues. On consent however, the insurers can apply the Agreement to any type of claim, and any amount.

Up to now, the arbitrators have exclusively been senior claims managers selected by the Arbitration Chair in a panel of 3, or a single arbitrator if the amount is less than $5,000. The arbitrations are generally conducted in writing, based on written submissions from the parties.

The insurers have asked CDL to create a roster of lawyers who would be willing to act as sole arbitrators at the option of the parties to the dispute. We hope that as many of you as possible will participate in this program which marks a new step toward strengthening our relationship with our industry partners while at the same time filling the need for access to quality, speedy and cost-efficient dispute resolution.

If you wish to be included on the CDL/CICMA Arbitration Roster, please email your enquiry to

Click here for a list of signatory companies. Click here for a summary and the actual current agreement.


Listed alphabetically by province and last name. Click name to download credentials.

Sandra Corbett QC Field LLP AB
Murray Harris  Burstall Winger Zammit LLP AB
Gordon Keith Millar & Keith LLP Lethbridge AB
Alexis Moulton McLennan Ross AB
Rob Rakochey Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP Calgary AB
Kelly  Robinson CBM Lawyers Edmonton AB
Paul Stein Gowling WLG Calgary AB


Scott Brearley Singleton Urquhart Vancouver BC
Jeff Hand Singleton Urquhart Vancouver BC
William G. MacLeod Q.C. MacLeod & Company Vancouver BC

Leslie E. Maerov independent Vancouver BC
Barbara Murray independent Vancouver BC
John Singleton QC Singleton Urquhart Vancouver BC

Richard B. Lindsay QC Lindsay LLP Vancouver BC



Paul Brett Thompson Dorfman Sweatman Winnipeg MB
Charles Sherbo Fillmore Riley Winnipeg MB

Douglas EvansQC Cox & Palmer Saint John NB
Charles Foster QC Foster and Company Fredericton NB

Jorge Segovia Cox & Palmer St.Johns NL
Peter Shea Cox &Palmer St.Johns NL

Margot Ferguson Mayfly Legal Services NS

Lee Akazaki Gilbertson Davis Toronto ON
Chris Blom Miller Thomson Toronto ON
Dan Dooley Dooley Lucenti, Barrie ON
Cindy Dickinson Mollison McCormick LLP Kitchener ON
Kieran Dickson Evans Philp Hamilton ON
Chris Dunn Dutton Brock Toronto ON
Jack Fitch Hughes Amys Hamilton ON
Clarence Lui Monaghan Reain Lui Taylor LLP Toronto ON
James Norton James G. Norton Professional Corporation Toronto ON
Stan  Raphael Raphael Partner Toronto ON
Daniel  Strigberger Miller Thomson Waterloo ON
Daniel Dooley Dooley Lucenti Barrie ON