Unite | Inform | Advance

If you have a civil defence practice CDL is where you can advance professionally and personally. We provide a national focus on issues uniting the defence bar with the flexibility to address local and regional jurisdictional concerns. We offer a single voice to the insurance industry by communicating concerns, advocating on critical issues and advancing the position of the defence bar.

With busy practices lawyers need to maximize time spent out of the office at CLE. Our programmes are accredited, focused and relevant. You will meet other civil defence lawyers in your city as well your insurance clients – claims examiners, adjusters, risk managers and subject experts who need to keep up with the latest legal developments and attend our CLE because of its defence orientation. It gives you a chance to see your existing clients and meet potential new ones.

Why Join CDL?

There is no other education provider who can offer specialized, targeted continuing education tailored to the defence bar. But CDL is much more than just a CLE provider. We are a community of members united in our professional activities.

  • Defence-specific accredited CLE
  • Discounted CLE registration
  • CPD information
  • In person, webcast, audio
  • Hearsay newsletter
  • Private member-only blog to chat online about experts, case law, legislative developments
  • Online library of CLE and materials
  • E-updates on changing case law
  • Arbitration Roster
  • Awards
  • Career postings to a targeted job market
  • Advocacy
  • Active Young Lawyers Group
  • Substantive Law Committees
  • Experts Information

Lead | Refer | Mentor

You can just collect CPD credits or you can get more involved with the association By joining committees and training for volunteer leadership positions at CDL you will have the chance to:

  • Influence substantive law in your jurisdiction and nationally
  • Share your knowledge with colleagues
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Build professional relationships with other associations both local and international
  • Expand your skillset
  • Increase your marketability
  • Elevate your career
  • Expand your business network
  • Position your firm for success

CDL is here to train and support the leaders of tomorrow's defence bar. We look to the senior members of the bar to join us in mentoring and developing our new lawyers through education and collegiality.

DRI Voice of the Defence Bar

DRI is the international membership organization of all lawyers involved in the defence of civil litigation. CDL is a partner with DRI offering special membership and educational opportunities.


Mission Statement

Canadian Defence Lawyers is a voice and a resource for civil defence lawyers providing a national perspective, quality defence-specific education and networking opportunities