President's Message


Jade Spalding

Cox & Palmer, Fredericton, NB

I am looking forward to working with our board of directors and staff this year to continue serving our members.  Our organization helps civil defence lawyers stay current with legal developments and to adapt to new trends and challenges.  As a national organization, we are able to identify emerging issues from across the country and to develop a strategic response to benefit our members.  One example of this is CDL’s dynamic continuing legal education programming which provides specialized training and practice management support for defence lawyers of all experience levels.


It is an exciting time to become involved with CDL.  A number of new programs are flourishing, such as the women’s caucus, in-house counsel committee, and a host of young lawyer’s initiatives.  These programs provide training, career development and a wonderful opportunity to get to know other defence lawyers from around the country.    


CDL is focused on looking ahead to help its members prepare for the future of defence practice in Canada.  I am excited about the role that CDL can play in assisting defence lawyers in serving their clients and in having a successful and enjoyable career.  If you are not already involved, I would encourage you to attend an event in your area or to become involved with one of CDL’s committees. 





Past Presidents of Canadian Defence Lawyers

1999-2000   Lee Samis

2000-2001   Paul Tushinski

2001-2002   Harrison Arrell

2002-2003   Kevin Carroll

2003-2004   Richard B. Lindsay QC

2004-2005   Leilah Edroos

2005-2006   Jamie Chipman QC

2006-2007   Carmen Place

2007-2008   Brian Elkin

2008-2009   Sandra Corbett QC

2009-2010   Susan Gunter

2010-2011   Dan Reisler

2011-2012   Colin Clackson

2012-2013   Janet Clark

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2014-2015   Patricia Armstrong, QC

2015-2016  David Bertschi

2016-2017  David Festeryga