CDL's Substantive Law Committees

In 2012, CDL established three substantive committees: Accident Benefits, Insurance Coverage and Products Liability. A key responsibility of the substantive committees is to provide guidance and advice to the program planning committees regarding their specific areas. The substantive committees  respond to the needs of CDL members in terms of programming content and to ensure CDL members are kept up-to-date on current developments in the law relevant to their fields.  

With a strong history of CLE Programming these Committees are now striving to increase their profiles with online publications, social media communication and social events. 

The Substantive Law Committees provide leadership opportunities for CDL members within their practice specialties. They contribute to the overall efforts of CDL, from CLE development and content, submissions to Hearsay, Committee specific and postings to social media with news and recent relevant court decisions. Each committee has a Chair and a Vice-Chair who serve a 2 year term, as well as other executives responsible for communication and content.

The current Substantive Committees have organized many programs and content since their inception in 2012.

Accident Benefits: The AB Substantive Committee has pioneered AB education in Ontario by developing semiannual conferences on the ever changing world of AB to ensure the CDL Accident Benefit seminars reflect the interests of the AB community (Ontario only).  This committee maintains a social media presence and an online newsletter.  View the most recent of the AB Newsletter HERE

Chair: David Raposo, Dutton Brock LLP, - Vice Chair: Lisa Pool, Sullivan Festeryga LLP,

Insurance Coverage: For fourteen years CDL has been graced with a dedicated Committee developing CDL's flagship event, the Insurance Coverage Symposium, which has consistently provided Coverage practitioners with a first hand look at growing issues.  With the focused development of our Substantive committees, this group has branched out to other CLE, including Insurance Coverage Foundations and Fundamentals and Audioconference content.
Chair: David Mackenzie, Blaney McMurtry LLP, - Vice Chair: Catherine Keyes, TD Legal

Product Liability: This committee has been dedicated to provide a panel at the Annual General Meeting, on current issues in the Products Liability area; and presented the first biennial full day CLE on Defending Products Claims
Chair:  Taryn Burnett, Gowlings WLG, - Vice Chair: George Wray, BLG,

CDL is currently looking for volunteers to lead more Substantive Committees in Property Claims, Municipal Liability and Professional Liability. Join a current or developing committee today and be part of advancing the evolution of the Civil Defence Bar in Canada.

Contact Mary-Ellen Thibodeau at 416-340-9859 or